#026 – What’s been going on

Hi again my dear reader!

Its been a long time, yet again, since I updated you about whats been going on and I feel that its about time now. A lot of stuff has happened, well not really but I still have some news (if you could call it that) to get you up to date.


#024 – Products made to help you

Hi and welcome back!

It’s been some time now since I wrote here and once again because I’ve been busy and lazy. Anyway, I figured I’d write a post about stuff I’v come across the internet over the years that are made for CD/TV/TG community besides females who have undergone breast removal due to cancer for example.


#019 – In the deep corner of contemplation

Lately I’ve been bothered with having a hard time sleeping. 🙁 Mainly because I’ve been back in the thinking corner of my mind. It happens from time to time, though it’s been a fairly long time since I last was this depressed.