#027 – Recommendation to Rikshospitalet

Hey you~!

Some time has passed since last time I wrote. I once again shall apologize for that, but as you’ve probably noticed by now, my updating habits happen to be very sporadic at best. I got some updates for you regarding my situation.


#026 – What’s been going on

Hi again my dear reader!

Its been a long time, yet again, since I updated you about whats been going on and I feel that its about time now. A lot of stuff has happened, well not really but I still have some news (if you could call it that) to get you up to date.


#023 – Reaching towards a conclusion

It’s been some time since I last wrote something here and quite frankly, I haven’t bothered to. Since last time I’ve spent 5 weeks of from work and 2 weeks on vacation. I didn’t spend the 3 weeks of vacation which I originally planned, but maybe I should after all. Not sure really.