#039 – December shopping

This is just a short post to show you my latest purchases. I felt like shopping some new clothes since it’s been a while since I did just that and I felt I needed some new basic items. 🙂


#029 – Summer shopping!

hellu my dear reader!

It’s been a while since I last wrote anything so I won’t bore you with depressing personal stuff. I’ll rather show you what I’ve been shopping today and a few days back. 🙂 As usual I’ve done some shopping from YesStyle.com (I love that site) and also some from Nelly.com.


#020 – Shopping spree… again

When I’m feeling down I usually cure it with shopping and I went ahead and spent some more today. I did my usual routine with ordering from YesStyle and a newcomer, www.nelly.com. This time around everything is ready for shipping except a pair of shoes. So I’ll link the pictures and so forth.