Well then, since I bothered to change my layout and even the entire page to something more convenient for updating, I suppose I should update aswell. Since well, you know, that was the reason behind it afterall. This post won’t really be about about anything serious. I figure I’ll share a manga series with you, which I recently bought all volumes off and is waiting for to arrive in the mail. Here’s the plot for you:

“Through a series of coincidences, Yoshinori wound up having to fill in for his beautiful older sister as a model for a bridal gown. Now, he has discovered that he has a liking for cross-dressing, and that by doing so, he is learning a great deal about what it means to be a woman–and a man.”

If the plot seems interesting to you, then I suggest you read it. 🙂 It’s not really that unique from every other manga about the same thing, but it keeps you into it! I enjoyed this manga so much! I’ll leave a link to where you can read it online for free, translated to english. 🙂 There are currently 7 volumes out. Yubsaki Milk Tea