#034 – Quick shopping on the web

hey there!

I haven’t written or updated anyone with news here lately. Mostly because since last time I wrote, I made a kind of decision of what to do for the timebeing. For the timebeing I’m continuing to soldier on as I am, without doing any changes.


#031 – Recent events and happenings

Hey stranger! (or acquaintance or friend depending on who you are)

It doesn’t really matter, or maybe it does. Actually, it does matter a little to me who you are. If you are a follower, or reader if you will, then I welcome you to my corner of the intarwebs. (I misspelled that on purpose, so don’t send the ABC Police after me just yet) I’ll attempt once again to give you a sort of insight in what’s been going on in my life for the past few weeks, months, or simply put since the last time I wrote anything remotely interesting. 


#030 – A bit depressed – How to cure it ? Shop some more!


These days I’m a bit depressed. Thoughts about my life, how I want to live and what I’d like to do are starting to come back.