#024 – Products made to help you

Hi and welcome back!

It’s been some time now since I wrote here and once again because I’ve been busy and lazy. Anyway, I figured I’d write a post about stuff I’v come across the internet over the years that are made for CD/TV/TG community besides females who have undergone breast removal due to cancer for example.


#009 – Padded girdle – good or bad ?

hi there! πŸ™‚

I’ve now received my FemSkin Padded Girdle and have tried it a few times, so now I suppose I have made up my mind regarding the item in question. I must admit that I was excited as well as a little disappointed. What I’m disappointed about is that while it is almost skintight on me, it’s way to easy to tell there’s something extra there, because the cutoff at the tighs reveals that there’s something extra underneath your clothes. I would be really happy if it was possible to conceal this better. But apart from that I’m pretty much happy with it. When I use it now it looks like I actually have a butt and hips, at least the outlines are somewhat visible. πŸ™‚ Which was after all what I was after in the first place.

I also have to say that it makes me pretty excited when I have it on. Now whether this is because the girl inside me is screaming with joy, or if it’s just the more fetish side of me, I have no idea. Either way it’s a fun experience. ^^

I’ve also received my new clothes and I’ve tried them and this time around it all fitted perfectly! That’s always fun, and I’m sure you know how that feels like. πŸ™‚

I was just writing here to tell you about my experience with the girdle and maybe sometime I’ll post some pictures where you can see the results!

Until next time, take care~!


#006 – Time to relax.. or is it ?!

Hi there!

I haven’t really updated this page in AGES now and please forgive me if you’ve actually expected some updates. But I’ve been really busy lately with work! To tell you the truth this is my first week at home for almost a month. I’m busy traveling around the world working so I don’t really have much time to update. :3 But I’ll try to the best of my abilities of course! πŸ™‚

I don’t really have that much to tell you this time around. I haven’t gotten any time for myself where I can sit back, relax and do what I enjoy. In example “changing” gender. Not that I am able to do that, no matter how much I wish it was so. πŸ™ But at least I can look a little more like I want to. Anyways it’s not that long until Christmas is here and I’ll take a nice long vacation then. I’ll be able to take a little more care of myself then. πŸ˜‰

Anyways, what I want to show you today is actually some stuff I’ve ordered lately. What’s most exciting and not at least surprising is a item I bought from a site called FemSkin. Maybe you’ve heard of it ? From what I know the package is on it’s way as I write this and I must say I’m excited about receiving it. My feelings are kind of mixed towards the item I’ve ordered though, just so that’s been said. You’re probably able to draw some conclusions from the name itself, FemSkin. So i won’t hold back and tell you what it is. The product name is “Femskin padded girdle”. Β I was very reluctant about buying it. Since it is, well … weird. Kind of freaky actually! But then again there’s just something about it I find really intriguing. What really made me go for it though, is that it’ll supposedly make my hips look more feminine. Which is something I really would like to achieve without doing something really serious such as taking hormone pills. According to the information you get on the makers homepage, I’ll achieve this from said item:

  • adds 2.5″ inches to your hips
  • adds 0.75″ to each side of your butt cheeks
  • adds 0.5″ to the back of your butt cheeks
  • adds 0.5″ on the outside
  • adds 0.25″ on the inside of each thigh.
  • It thins down to 0.125″ in the crotch and at the openings

Hopefully it’ll look good and not just sound good judging by numbers alone. πŸ™‚ Anyways, I’ll most likely take some pictures once I’ve received it. If you want some more info regarding the item itself and other products they sell, go to this address: www.femskin.com

But wait! I’m not finished yet. πŸ˜‰ I actually ordered some more stuff. Not from FemSkin, but from Victoria’s Secret! I love that page, but it is a little pricy. But I don’t mind that, since it’s good quality goods! You’ve MOST likely heard about VS before, so I don’t think I need to talk about that page. I’ll just add a link to their site and show pics of what I’ve ordered. If you like something, add a comment! πŸ˜€

Victoria’s Secret

Tip: If you click on the titles, e.g <#01 – Supersoft Thong> you’ll be taken directly to the said item description page. If you click on the images, you’ll see them in higher resolution.

#01 – Supersoft Thong

#02 – Supersoft Hiphugger

#03 – Lace-up Thong

#04 – Miraculousβ„’ Multi-way Bra

#05 – Embroidered Eyelet Babydoll

#06 – High Lace-up Boots