Figured I’d write a small post. Since last time, I’ve done some shopping and I had a rather big halloween party with my friends! It was undoubtedly one of the best outings we’ve had in quite some time, confirmed by several of my guests the day after. (you know, the day when you feel like the world is trying to kill you) I had about 20 friends over and we partied from around 8PM to 6AM. I’d say half of my guests came dressed up in some kind of costume, which I’d call a success. Most people aren’t to keen about the dressing up part of things here where I live, so it was a fresh breath of air! Anywho, here’s a photo of me (and a blurred out girl friend) for the sake of anonymity. 


And over to my recent catches of shoes. The bow-tie shoes were bought for a Alice in Wonderland costume I bought earlier. I didn’t have any shoes which I felt fitted well with the outfit, and I found those. They look really cute! Hopefully they look as good in real life. As for the others… well you know how it goes when you’re shopping. You usually find things you want and in my case, I end up buying them. I also bought a couple of tunics just in different colors, because they looked really comfy for just lounging around. 

Well that’s about it for this time around, have a nice day~!