Dayum… I’m not even gonna apologize for the lack of posts. I’ve done that in all the previous entries anyway, haha. I’ll get straight to the point. This week I’ve made myself of “legaffects” padding out of foam. If you’re not quite sure what that is, its a template someone made years ago to achieve more feminine shapes with the help of foam. Mind you, the original version intended to create unrealistic and HUGE dimensions to the body. I wouldn’t recommend it, unless you’re going for a comedy look, then it’ll work wonders in my opinion. Also, if you’re an asian like myself, going by the original dimensions wouldn’t look quite right on the average asian.

Legaffects pattern

The legaffects instructions

The instructions advices you to use 1″ thick foam, which equals about 2cm thick foam. That’s for EACH layer cutout. Considering you need 7 layers in total, that’s 14cm of foam on EACH side of the body. If you want a really ridicilous look, then use 2″ thick foam for the layers, but Making that bend and stay in shape would be a nightmare, probably. Personally, I went half the size of the instructions and went for 0.5″ thick foam, ergo 1cm thick layers. Seeing as I’m a very slim person, I felt that would be the right approach.

I started out with the standard stuff. I bought the necessary stuff. which are:

  • Roll of foam (preferably whiteish in color, easier to blend)
  • A couple of pairs of leggings. You should go for thicker ones like 60 denier +
  • Cans of spray glue (make sure the glue doesn’t destroy the foam, so test it before using)
  • 6-7 pairs of pantyhose
  • plastic wrap (to cover your legs etc. when using spray glue)

I started with making the shapes necessary for all the layers and cutting them out. One of each pattern for each side. You might have to adjust things to fit your dimensions, but generally it should work just fine. The cutouts doesn’t have to be pinpoint accurate, unless you’re like me and are kind of perfectionist. 😀


Cutouts placed on top of each other

After cutting out pieces for both sides, I started gluing them together. Once all of this was done, I wrapped my legs in plastic wrap and then pulled one pair of leggings on. I sprayed glued around my calves and on the foam glued together foam piece for my calves. Waited a few minutes (this depends on the glue) and proceeded with carefully placing it around my calves. Remember to keep a decent pressure, so the glue gets time to settle in. Also, do take notice at this part not to use to much force. If I were a bit lighter on the touch and didn’t keep it to tight, they would be easier to pull on/off. Seeing as this is the calves part, it won’t require much effort to create a 2nd pair if I want to. I’ll probably do that.

Calves part are glued ontop of leggings

Calves part are glued ontop of leggings

Continuing with this, I proceeded with the top part. A pro-tip if you’re making one of these. I highly advice you to get a friend to help out with this part, as it’ll make it much easier when having to spray your behind, backside of your thighs and general placement of the top half parts. I managed to do it alone, but it would be much better and less frustrating if you have a pair of helping hands. I know I’ll ask a friend to help if I make a 2nd pair. In the photo below the 2nd pair of leggings is glued on top. I started gluing with the thighs and stopped there, simply so the leggings help with keeping the shape intact.


Finished cutout

In the 2nd photo you can see the finished top half. I can now pull it on/off with somewhat ease whenever I want to use it. You might think, this doesn’t look particularly good at all. I agree, it doesn’t by itself. But keep in mind the 6-7 pairs of pantyhose mentioned above. After you use several layers of pantyhose, it’ll compress the foam and depending on the pantyhose you’re using, hide the foam look. It’s so simple and so convenient! Take a look at the photos below for some results.




After spending some hours in them and testing it out there are a few things I’d like to point out.

  • If you’re gonna wear an outfit which shows some legs, pay attention to the color/opaqueness of the pantyhose involved. The more opaque, the more pantyhose you need to wear layered to hide the foam color.
  • If you’re gonna wear jeans/leggings/jeggings, it might be sufficient with only 2 or 3 pairs of pantyhose, depending on how tight the garment is.
  • You might have to create a few small patches of foam to work out some quirks. For myself, that would be some added thickness around the knee and near my ankles.
  • Pay attention to where you place the hip-ball of foam. Make sure they are about the same size and position, or else the hips will look awkward.
  • Foam insulates. In addition to several layers of pantyhose on top, try to minimize activity. You WILL get WARM while using them.

Apart from this, I don’t see anything really negative about these. They were fun creating and most certainly gives me a much more feminine look. All of my friends who’ve seen photos can’t really believe it. So if you have any questions, feel free to ask! 🙂

The instructions in question can be downloaded from here: LegAffects instructions (opens new tab to deviantArt)