Hi there!

As per usual, I’m back with another slow and late update. I don’t know why this keeps happening, but since I don’t seem to get any better at updating regularly, I’ll just continue to post whenever I can remember to. 🙂 I’m sure nobody is getting hurt by it anyways.

I don’t really have that much to report this time around. Life goes on, no groundbreaking changes to my situation or life, apart from the fact that I know have a girlfriend. We’ve been together for about 3 months now and things are working out great. You might wonder if she knows about this part of me and the answer to that is, yes. I brought it up after a couple of dates before things became serious, because it is afterall a rather big part of me. So if she wasn’t comfortable with it, things would end right there. She asked questions about it and thought for a brief moment, before she said that it wasn’t a dealbreaker. She likes me for who I am and thats a part of me. 🙂

You probably know I haven’t started on HRT or anything to alter my appearance physically. So to at least appear more feminine, I usually use some homemade foam pads for my hips and silicone breastforms. I recently purchased silicone hip pads and I should receive them soon. Hopefully they’ll look good! Nothing wrong with using homemade foam pads, but its cumbersome to make and they get really hot to wear over time. The pads I bought are from DressTech and they’ve received positive reviews from transgender people all around. So hopefully, it’ll be just as good as I hope. 🙂

I also did some shopping for me and my girlfriend, so feel free to take a look at the gallery below for what I purchased.

I might create a new post once I’ve received my hip pads and tried them on etc. To show comparison photos etc!
See you then 😉