hey there!

I haven’t written or updated anyone with news here lately. Mostly because since last time I wrote, I made a kind of decision of what to do for the timebeing. For the timebeing I’m continuing to soldier on as I am, without doing any changes. Surprisingly, it has worked more or less fine, but lately I’ve been struggling with sleeping problems, again! Yes. I’m quite used to it now so it doesn’t bother me that much, but it still does. Do you get what I’m trying to say ?
Anyway. 2 days ago I had a talk with one of my superiors, I suppose we can call him now. It was serious, but at the same time not. You see earlier that day, I fell asleep in front of the PC at work for 5-10minutes. Then he woke me up harshly in some people’s eyes maybe. I didn’t mind it though. But he wanted to apologize for it, as it was unappropriate and suggested I’d rather go home if I really was that exhausted. We had a small talk about my sleeping problems, what we could try and do and what I’m doing to try and fix it. I tried to explain what I could without saying to much, since I don’t think he knows fully about my situation and the problems some of my co-workers know I’ve been struggling with the past few years.

Anyway, it’s now thursday, I haven’t slept in close to 17 hours and I feel exhausted again. Tried to sleep for 9 hours without luck. Oh well. On the brightside, I’ve been doing some shopping. Look below for pictures and do share your thoughts of my latest purchases. 🙂