I received my epicrisis from Rikshospitalet about a week ago. I didn’t know quite what to expect, but when I was on the phone with my doctor and she told me what it said, quite literally I was baffled. If you’ve read my previous posts since I was in Oslo for my consultation then you’ll know what I mean. I’ve translated the epicris below and please go ahead and read it.

Diagnose: F64.9 – Unspecified gender identity disorder

The patient came to section for transsexualism at Oslo University Hospital for a second opinion/counseling. The patient described carefully a incomplete, fluctuating gender identity disorder which didn’t match the criteria for F64.0 – transsexualism in ICD-10 or DSM IV.

The symptoms had evolved within the last year or so. The patient is currently on sick leave and is suffering from massive sleep deprivation problems. We discussed the patients symptoms and current life situation.

We advice that the patient starts back in a full time job and that the patient is referred to a sleep clinic in Bergen to guarantee that the sleep deprivation problem doesn’t become a chronic condition. In addition we ask that the patient is referred to a psychotherapist with a agreement (either associated Institute for psychotherapy or cognitive psychotherapy) to elucidate a more systematic unsure gender identity thoughts over a extended period of time.

The patient was very satisfied with the appointment in Oslo and with a changed picture of the symptoms, the patient may be recommended at a later time if necessary.

Best regards,
Ira H. Physician

There are two things which baffled me here. First off is what that she thinks that this is something I started thinking about within the last year. I explicitly told them that this is something I’ve had in the back of my mind since I was a child. The other thing, which annoyed me the most by the way, is that they state I was very satisfied with how it went over there. I wasn’t. I was more confused after the appointment, than before I went in there. I wasn’t able to show it to Esben when I was there because I hadn’t received the epicrisis, but I think it’ll be interesting to hear what he has to say about it.

Anyways, enough with the depressing stuff. I’m going back to talk with Esben Benestad the 27th of November which I look forward to, should be interesting! I’ve also had a talk with my closest family regarding my future name if things go the way I’d like them to and I’ve decided on a name. My parents and my sisters gave me some suggestions which they’ve thought through and the options were Thea, Tomine and Tine. I decided on Thea. It fits well with my last name as well, which I think is important. It isn’t to flashy a name either, so I won’t stand out that much.

The last thing I really feel I should update you on here, is my latest shopping spree! I bought some stuff from Zara once again. I almost wish my sister didn’t introduce me to the store, because I find so many things there which I like! Take a look below at the items I bought this time around. I bought two different parkas, a denim shorts and a pair of flats.


Also, feel free to comment on any of the items I bought, or ask me questions regarding the epicrisis. Of course, if you have something else you would like to ask me, don’t hesitate to leave a comment or two. I’m more than happy to answer them as long as it’s not something to stupid, haha! 😀

Take care for now!