I went ahead and ordered some more from YesStyle… I was in the mood for some shopping since I hadn’t done that in a long time. 🙂 This time around it wasn’t entirely for me though, since I went ahead and bought some gifts as well. ^^ I’m such a nice person, haha!

As you’re probably used to by now,  I’ll number the items with #xx and use bold titles for confirmed items, italic for unconfirmed and strikethrough if they have been confirmed unavailable. The titles are also click-able if you want to have more details regarding the product.

The gifts

#01 – Floral Sleeveless Dress (Gift to Lene, Happy birthday! 8D)

#02 – Cropped sweatpants (To Anette)

#03 – Short Sleeve Top (To Anette)

My stuff

#04 –  Bleached skinny jeans

#05 – Stirrup tights

#06 – Chiffon Panel Dress

#07 – Scoop Neck Tee + Hooded Vest

#08 – Lace-up Platform Boots (Beige color)

Buu… not available anymore. :c

#09 – Studded Ankle Boots

As always, if there’s something you like feel free to comment! 🙂